Have you been told you’re not suitable for Invisalign?

Have you been told you’re not suitable for Invisalign?

Have you been told you’re not suitable for Invisalign? 498 363 Dr Nino Gullotta

During our complimentary initial consultations, we often come across patients who tell us they had previously seen an Orthodontist or Dentist who told them they are not suitable for Invisalign.
This generally means that the practitioner has deemed the patient’s case too complicated to fix through the aligner process. However Dr Gullotta often informs them of the great news that he can definitely use Invisalign to treat them. So why would one practitioner tell you ‘no’ and Dr G tell you ‘yes’? Let’s have a chat!

“A tool is only as good as the person using it.”

You have probably heard this saying a lot in other situations, but it is also true for Invisalign. Dr Gullotta says that Invisalign is just a tool to help practitioners complete treatment, however if the Orthodontist or Dentist hasn’t learnt how to use this tool to gain the full benefit, then they are likely to either 1) advise more of their patients that they’re not suitable for Invisalign, or 2) finish the patient’s treatment with underwhelming results. Dr G couldn’t bear the thought of any of his patients going through such an experience, so he makes sure to always learn about new Invisalign technology and keep his skills fresh with the numerous new Invisalign patients he sees every day. This is how he has reached the status of Platinum Elite and treats over 100 Invisalign patients per year!

Different Types of Invisalign

Did you know there are several types of Invisalign treatment options – to cover simple, moderate and complex cases.

Invisalign Go, is an affordable Invisalign option – however it’s actually designed for minor cases that don’t require a lot of work. For example, let’s say that an adult had braces 15 years ago and their teeth have now shifted slightly because they weren’t great at wearing retainers. Invisalign Go could be a great option for them because their smile only needs tweaking, not any major movement.

At the other end of the scale, complex cases are best treated with Invisalign Comprehensive.
This more expensive option involves more detailed planning, longer treatment times and is best undertaken by clincians with extensive orthodontic and Invisalign experience. This is why we recommend seeing a reputable Orthodontist for challenging cases.

With all this being said, how are you to know with Orthodontist or Dentist is reputable and skilled when it comes to Invisalign? Don’t fear – we have an answer! The Invisalign website has a Dr Locator, where you can find Invisalign trained Orthodontists / dentists in your area. Click here to have check it out.
Remember to check and see if they have a status e.g. Platinum Elite, so you know you’re in the best hands possible.

If you would like to know you are receiving the best Invisalign treatment possible, call us now on 5532 3433 to book a complimentary initial consultation. We would love to see you!