Gold Coast Orthodontist
Dr Nino Gullotta

Orthodontist on the Gold Coast for over 35 years

Dr Nino Gullotta has been creating new Gold Coast smiles for over 35 years. Being a true perfectionist when it comes to your smile, we can guarantee that Dr Nino will finish your orthodontic treatment to the highest standards.

When it comes to your smile, experience counts

Dr Gullotta is the founder and director of Gullotta Orthodontics which he established in 1987 and since then, he has been pivotal to bringing beautiful smiles to his patients on the Gold Coast.

Correcting dental health issues such as a bad bite and crooked teeth is much more than a physical transformation. Dr Gullotta changes lives and makes people want to smile again… and never stop. He believes that while the first solution is to treat the dental concerns, the new-found confidence and self-assurance that comes as part of the journey is inspirational.

Professional History

After completing his undergraduate dentistry degree at the University of Queensland in Brisbane in 1979, Dr Gullotta began working as a dentist at the Brisbane Dental Hospital for a short period before moving to Brisbane Children’s Dental Hospital. During his four years at the children’s dental hospital he was involved in the dental and orthodontic treatment of many children with cleft palate and other cranio-facial problems.

It was this experience that led to his passion for orthodontics and in 1984 he moved to Melbourne to commence his Masters in Orthodontics at Melbourne University, Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.

It was not long after he graduated that Dr Gullotta went into private practice as an orthodontist in Southport, on the Gold Coast. That’s where he has remained for the over 30 years.

Dr Gullotta's Professional Memberships

A veteran of the industry, Dr Gullotta is a member of many professional orthodontic bodies, including:

  • Past secretary and member of the Australian Society of Dental Aesthetics
  • Past president, secretary and active member of Gold Coast Dental Study Group
  • A registered specialist with the Dental Board of Australia
  • Australian Dental Association member
  • World Federation of Orthodontists member
  • American Association of Orthodontists member
  • Australian Society of Orthodontists

Dr Gullotta

Down to earth and personal

When he is not making his patients and team smile, Dr Gullotta likes nothing better than enjoying a good meal with family or friends.

He is also an avid follower of basketball with his two sons being gifted players, ensuring the Gullotta family is well-known in basketball circles on the Gold Coast.

Dr Gullotta practices daily meditation and mindfulness and enjoys a flat white every morning at his favourite coffee shop.

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