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Dr Gullotta – A Leading Southport Orthodontist

Dr Nino Gullotta is a Southport orthodontist located on Marine Parade. Gullotta Orthodontics was the first orthodontic practice on the Gold Coast.  Over the past 30-year period Dr Nino Gullotta has created thousands of happy smiles within Southport and the surrounding Gold Coast areas.

Orthodontic Treatment

There are many reasons why people may seek orthodontic treatment and if you are looking for a Southport Orthodontist, it is likely that the reason for your search is listed below.

Main reasons for choosing to have orthodontic treatment:-

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth can be set straight using corrective procedures at many stages of life. When straightened, your newly-shaped mouth can not only increase the attractiveness of your smile but it is also a great confidence builder. This is particularly true if you are now a mature adult and have spent your entire life hiding your smile behind your hand.
  • People with a severe overbite, underbite, and crossbite problems benefit hugely from orthodontic treatment as not only can the treatment positively change your appearance but it can also help to reduce the muscle and joint pain associated with misaligned bites.
  • Often it is much harder to maintain good dental hygiene if your teeth are crooked and there are irregular gaps or tight spots within your mouth. Correcting these problems could help in maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing more problems such as cavities and gum disease.

Gullotta Orthodontics, your local Southport Orthodontist

Dr Nino Gullotta is not only an expert orthodontist but he is an orthodontist that aims to make you smile not just at the end of your treatment, but all the way through.  As orthodontic treatment takes some time, Dr Gullotta makes sure to create a genuine relationship with his patients, to understand and allay their concerns and to encourage and help with their journey through their treatment.  Dr Gullotta also enjoys working with young children.

Gullotta Orthodontics treats Southport residents of all ages including offering early interceptive treatment for children.  His patients also include teenagers and young adults as well as mature adults. It is never too late to have treatment from a qualified and experienced orthodontist!

Meet Dr Gullotta

A friendly, compassionate and approachable Gold Coast orthodontist, Dr Nino Gullotta has a passion for creating genuine and confident smiles using his expert orthodontic experience and specialist knowledge.

There is nothing he enjoys more than seeing his patients’ eyes light up when they see their new teeth and smile in the mirror for the first time after having their appliances removed.


Early Interceptive Treatment

The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends children between the ages of 8-10 should visit an orthodontist for a quick overall assessment of their teeth and jaw. This is especially true if you notice anything you deem to be out of the ordinary for a child of that age, such as protruding or crowded teeth, a speech impediment or difficulties biting or chewing. The earlier that issues such as these can be managed the better, due to the hardening of the jaw that will happen later on in life.

Treatment for Teens and Young Adults

Often this is a difficult period of life, where when one wants to look their absolute best and as a result, may seek orthodontic treatment.  As teenagers and young adults, this is often the best time for orthodontic treatment as by this time, the teeth have mostly moved into place and imperfections can be identified and worked on. As well as this, your jaw at this time in your life is not properly set and will allow for adjustments to be made quicker.

Treatment for Mature Adults

As noted earlier, you are never too old to receive orthodontic treatment. If you have suffered from a crooked smile, there is always the option of corrective treatment no matter your age. Teeth will move with the correct treatment at any age, so you need not worry if you are a little on the older side!

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Should you choose Dr Gullotta as your Southport Orthodontist you will discover that he had extensive knowledge and experience.  Furthermore, the materials he uses are of the highest quality and the equipment is the very best.  All these factors together mean that treatment with Dr Gullotta will ensure that you receive the best and that the outcome – your new smile – is the very best that could possibly be achieved.

Gullotta Orthodontics offers the following treatment types:-

InvisalignClear aligners that are nearly invisible to the naked eye, making them extremely discrete. They are removable and are updated every two weeks to ensure that your mouth is being shaped into the correct arrangement.

Clear BracesClear braces make use of cleverly-disguised ceramic brackets attached to the teeth that are less obvious than traditional metal braces. At Gullotta Orthodontics we use the Damon brace system, which eliminates the need for elastic or metal bands.

Metal BracesMetal braces are the most widely-used orthodontic treatment solution. We use the self-ligating Damon system of metal braces, which guarantees results for almost any orthodontic need.

Fees and Finance

Our fees are clearly provided on our website and are average for the industry.  We acknowledge that orthodontic treatment (due to the length of treatment and the cost of materials and equipment) is not cheap and thus here at Gullotta Orthodontics we provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of payment plans.  Many health funds also offer rebates for orthodontic treatment but this varies from case to case due to a number of factors.

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