Braces Gold Coast

As a specialist in braces on the Gold Coast, Dr. Gullotta provides top-notch orthodontic care. There’s nothing more rewarding for him than witnessing his patients’ eyes light up with joy when they finally see their new teeth and smile in the mirror after their braces have been removed. If you’re seeking a reliable and approachable orthodontist providing braces to the Gold Coast who truly cares about your smile, Dr. Nino Gullotta should be your first choice. Book an appointment today!

What makes our braces special?

Dr Nino Gullotta has been providing braces to the Gold Coast for over 35 years. Being a true perfectionist when it comes to your smile, we can guarantee that Dr Nino will finish your orthodontic treatment to the highest standards.

It all starts with a 3D impression

Not a first impression, but a 3D digital impression of your teeth. Our Orthodontist uses this digital model to digitally map your braces journey from now until a beautiful straight smile.

No guess work, just accurate planning right down to the last millimetre. That’s why he is the go-to for braces on the Gold Coast!

Types of Braces we offer


Getting your braces is now easier

LightForce is a fully customized ceramic bracket, meaning they’re designed for your teeth only.

After our Orthodontist designs your treatment plan, your LightForce braces are 3D printed according to this prescription. The brackets come in prepared plastic trays, ready to be transferred from the trays to your teeth.

This indirect bonding technique means your braces are put on comfortably and quickly. No more lying in a chair for over an  hour to get your braces on!

Damon Braces - Metal

Friction free

We’re all about choice at Gullotta Orthodontics. That’s why we also offer Damon braces which we’ve been using for over a decade.

Dr Nino Gullotta believes the Damon system of braces is different to others because it uses ‘passive self-ligating braces’, which means they remove the need for rubber bands around the braces. This helps reduce friction and free the teeth to move more quickly, with less discomfort.

Damon braces are excellent for the widening of dental arches, which means the need for expanders and extractions is greatly reduced

Damon Braces - Clear Ceramic

The answer is clear

Both our LightForce and Damon braces come in a clear braces option. These tooth-coloured brackets are a discreet option for those people who prefer a less noticeable look.