Clear Aligners Gold Coast

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are BPA-free plastic trays that shape your teeth in a gradual manner. We provide clear aligners to the Gold Coast. As you move from the first tray to the last, your teeth become straighter and straighter. But the trays can’t do the work all on their own. They need the expertise of the orthodontist to tell them what to do. And that’s where our Orthodontist’s digital treatment planning comes into play.

What sets clear aligners apart from braces?

In Dr Gullotta’s hands you can expect to get the same great results with clear aligners as you can expect with braces. He was one of the first Orthodontists in Australia to offer patients clear aligner treatment options.

  • Clear aligners are thin and completely transparent, so people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them.
  • The length of treatment is different from case to case. Expect to wear clear aligners for 22-24 hrs/day for 6 to 18 months, depending on patient needs.
  • Maintenance for clear aligners includes brushing and rinsing trays in lukewarm water
  • Easily removable & no discomfort from wires
  • No issues with food getting caught & no difficulty eating
Gullotta Orthodontics Clear Aligners

Clear aligner options

More options than ever before

Just like there are many brands of braces, there are also many brands of clear aligners. At Gullotta Orthodontics we offer the two leading brands of clear aligners – Spark aligners and Invisalign aligners.

You can expect Dr Gullotta to be able to achieve the same great results using either aligner brand. The choice is yours.

Types of Clear Aligners we offer

Spark Clear Aligners

Backed by 50 years of orthodontic experience

For over 50 years, Ormco has partnered with orthodontists to create innovative orthodontic solutions. That’s why we are excited to offer their brand of clear aligners called Spark.

Spark aligners are the latest in clear aligner technology, offering a clearer, less visible aligner.

Spark clear aligner system
Invisalign gold coast

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Dr Gullotta was one of the first on the Gold Coast to offer Invisalign treatment

Dr Gullotta has over 20 years’ experience creating beautiful smiles with Invisalign aligners. He treats mild to complex cases with aligners and holds the prestigious status of Invisalign Diamond in recognition of his experience.

Clear aligner attachments

Little guys that make big impact

Clear aligner attachments give more precise results. They allow the aligners to grip onto the teeth for more accurate tooth movement in a faster time than without attachments.

Attachments are tooth coloured, much smaller than braces and won’t damage your teeth when they are polished away at the end of treatment.

Clear aligners attachments

Who we treat with Clear Aligners



Clear aligners for teenagers can be a great alternative to braces for any young person who is nervous about braces but still wants straight teeth. Aligners are a great option as they don’t change your appearance significantly or restrict day-to-day life while you undergo orthodontic treatment.

Gullotta Orthodontics clear aligners


Clear aligners are a far less bulky, far less noticeable alternative to braces. Adults tend to gravitate to clear aligners, as they are invisible, low maintenance & not painful.

Black Triangles be gone!

Sometimes when crowded and or rotated teeth are re-aligned,  dark triangles can appear between the teeth. This is due to receded gums or lack of gum tissues around the teeth which becomes noticeable when the teeth are moved.

Unfortunately these dark triangles can spoil the smile aesthetics.

The main treatment to reduce these dark triangles is reshaping the teeth so that they are less triangular in shape.

The other option is to ask your dentist to add composite bonding between the teeth.