Clear braces are a popular choice

While clear braces provide the full treatment, just like standard braces, the attraction of this system is that they are less noticeable, which means our patients feel an increased sense of confidence as they complete their orthodontic treatment.

Clear BracesAs their name suggests, clear braces are made from a clear material, such as porcelain, ceramic, glass or plastic.  Dr Nino Gullotta uses ceramic Damon braces, as well as In-Ovation C ceramic braces.

These ceramic braces are chosen by our patients for many reasons, including:

  • Durability. They are extremely strong and just as robust and effective as their metal equivalents.
  • Invisibility. Clear braces blend more effectively with most teeth colourings and are not as noticeable at a distance.
  • Comfort. Our patients happily tell us their ceramic braces are comfortable and we believe they may not aggravate gums as much as metal can.

Clear ceramic braces work precisely the same way as the standard metal ones but they are more visually pleasing for patients.  It is this advantage that makes them a popular choice with teens and adults.

Dental issues such as dysfunctional bite problems and crooked, crowded and gappy teeth can be corrected by using ceramic Damon clear bracket braces.

Ceramic braces are one way of achieving a new smile discreetly as you undertake orthodontic treatment

To find out if clear ceramic braces are the best option for you, speak with Dr Gullotta at his Southport clinic on the Gold Coast. To make an appointment please call the practice today.

damon braces
The Damon Clear bracket