3 Lessons I learnt from working at Gullotta Orthodontics

3 Lessons I learnt from working at Gullotta Orthodontics

3 Lessons I learnt from working at Gullotta Orthodontics 800 493 Dr Nino Gullotta

Before I stepped into Gullotta Orthodontics I barely had a clue about teeth, except for the fact that I knew they’d fall out of my mouth if I didn’t look after them! By the way, I’m Hannah – the currently blog writer and a 10 month employee of Dr Gullotta’s.

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I started working for Nino, especially because I started in the overwhelming field of cleaning mouth instruments. You’re probably thinking ‘What is there to be overwhelmed about? It’s just cleaning,’ but for someone who didn’t even know what a scaler was, this job had me dreaming about teeth for weeks.

Now here we are in present day, where I have certainly progressed and am so thankful for all the knowledge I’ve gained from working here. Funnily enough, there have also been some out of the ordinary things I’ve come across while working here too, so I’d like to share them with you!


Don’t mention you have a sore tooth/mouth/anything above your chin…unless you want to be put in the chair.

There is barely a staff member in our practice that hasn’t had their mouth inspected in a lunch break, which I think is both funny and awesome. I personally love the dentist, so I have no problem flashing my pearly whites, but for some of our other staff it’s a true nightmare. One time after getting my wisdom teeth out, I was silently rubbing my cheek as my stitches were uncomfortable. Mrs Gullotta saw me and within 30 seconds I was in the chair with my mouth gently being hosed with water! We have such a great, supportive team and I love it.

You’ll start looking at other people’s teeth All. The. Time.

I have always been a person who loves a straight smile, but when I started working at G.O I began to notice when people could do with braces (or even had a really bad ortho job done somewhere else!) I could be in a group of people talking like normal, then go away and tell you who has been through treatment, who needed treatment and sometimes even the names for their particular issues. It’s an understatement to say that my husband is sick of me talking about other people’s teeth by now!

Don’t even attempt to go on a diet while working here.

Our gorgeous patients are constantly bringing in goodies to thank Dr Gullotta for his hard work and, being a workplace full of women, there’s no way he can hide the chocolate! Just kidding, he is so generous and always shares his gifts with us staff – what a gem. Although this is a great bonus to working here, it also makes it very hard to maintain any kind of diet or health kick…but hey, you only live once right?!

As you can read, Gullotta Orthodontics really is a fun place to work – pop in and see for yourself! Alternatively you can book a free consultation with Dr Gullotta on 5532 3433 to get your treatment started. We would love to see you.