Why Choose Us? 6 Ways We Are Different

Why Choose Us? 6 Ways We Are Different

Why Choose Us? 6 Ways We Are Different 800 493 Dr Nino Gullotta

With so many Orthodontists and Dentists straightening teeth these days, who are you to choose? You could pay too little and end up with bad results, or you could pay way too much without even knowing. What a stressful situation, especially when you have to balance your appointments around a busy schedule. So to make this task easier for you, here are 6 ways that Gullotta Orthodontics is definitely the place for you!

Dr Gullotta is a qualified Orthodontist with 30 years’ experience

Let’s get one thing straight (pun intended…not sorry). Although we have a high amount of respect for our Dentist brothers and sisters, Orthodontists and Dentists do not have the same qualifications. Dr Gullotta completed his Dentistry degree, then went on and studied for an extra 3 years to become a qualified Orthodontist. He has had 30 years’ experience practicing Ortho, so you know that you – and your smile – are in good hands.

Interest Free Payment Plans

What if I told you that if you calculated the cost of all your daily coffees, plus that gym membership that you “forgot you had”, you would be looking at a weekly total very similar to the cost of Orthodontic treatment per week? Pick your jaw up off the floor friend, because I’m not lying! We offer interest free payment plans and, even for Invisalign treatment, the cost can be as low as $50-$60perweekafter your initial deposit. Of course this may vary, so come in for your free initial consult with Dr G to see what we can do for you.

Free Initial Consults with Dr Gullotta

Yes, you read correctly. Free! Your initial consult is on the house and, what’s even better, is that you’re it is one on one with Dr Gullottahimself. At some practices, you may only see the Orthodontist for 10 minutes, but not here. We like to make sure that you feel comfortable and can get to know the creator of your new smile.

Time is Important, Yours and Ours

How many Doctors and Specialists have you been to that told you to arrive at 10 AM, yet you could have 100% binged five more episodes on Netflix before you were actually seen for your appointment? Don’t get us wrong, we love Netflix as much as the next guy, but when we say 10 AM we mean it. Dr G runs a tight ship and we are getting quite snappy at being punctual. So don’t sign up for 2 years’ worth of appointments that always will be half an hour late, come to a place where your time is valued …especially your Netflix time.

Great Staff = Great Vibes

If we do say so ourselves, we have some pretty awesome staff! How a practice feels is super important and you can certainly feel when staff members loves their job. Patients often say they love our staff because we have fun and like to have a laugh, while still maintaining professionalism. We truly are different, come and see for yourself!


You smile is our priority

Last but certainly not least, we genuinely care about your smile. We are in the business of creating smiles and know that straight teeth build confidence and style. Our promise to you is that you’ll love your smile when we are finished. Best of all, it takes such a small amount of time to achieve! We see people walk out of our building every day with a new smile, and we are amazed how time flies.