Switching Orthodontists


Sometimes location changes are unavoidable during your time in braces, so there may come a time that you will have to transfer to another orthodontist.
It will probably feel a little stressful, you’ve spent a lot of time with your orthodontist and have probably gotten to know the practice staff quite well. The thought of switching orthodontists can be a little nerve-wracking. And it is definitely not something we recommend if it can be avoided.
As daunting as it might seem, there are some proactive ways in which you can (and have to) prepare yourself for your new chapter in braces.

Step 1

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Let your orthodontist team know

The sooner your current orthodontist knows, the quicker they can send your treatment plan to your new clinic. It will also help your existing orthodontist to calculate how much of your treatment costs will be refunded to you (if you paid in advance) or how much you will still owe if you are paying as you go. The quicker you make your situation known, the less you will be charged or refunded according to your treatment schedule.

Step 2

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Get the necessary information

You will need to have all of your treatment and patient records, as well as all X-rays, ready to send to your new orthodontist. If you have selected Gullotta Orthodontics as your new clinic, send your information as soon as possible to expedite your treatment plan. The quicker our team is familiarised with your existing plan, the quicker you will get the healthy bite and winning smile.

Step 3

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Do your homework on your new orthodontist

You will need to make sure that the new orthodontist accepts transfer patients. Find out whether the doctors you are considering use the same type of braces/appliances that you have and/or are comfortable working with your particular type of braces if they don’t use them in their regular treatments. Remember, you’ve been through the process before, dust off the same list of questions that you had and have them ready for your initial consultation.

Step 4

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Know the costs involved

Unfortunately, you might have to pay more than you had anticipated as a result of switching orthodontists. Treatment plan and costs may vary and can be confirmed with a free consultation with Gullotta Orthodontics. Please note: during free consultations our team are unable to perform any procedures, fees may be incurred if you would like treatment performed on the day of your consultation.