Our involvement with St Hilda’s and TSS boarder communities

Our involvement with St Hilda’s and TSS boarder communities

Our involvement with St Hilda’s and TSS boarder communities 1024 728 Dr Nino Gullotta

Dr Gullotta has been treating boarder students for over 30 years and understands the many challenges the boarders and their parents face during the boarding years.

The Gullotta family have even hosted boarders over the school holidays to make life easier for both the children and parents involved. For a number of years now, Dr Gullotta has taken his compassion for boarding families to a professional level by offering a number of services to make boarder student lives easier when it comes to their teeth.

Pickup and Drop-off Service for boarder students

We offer a complimentary pickup and drop-off service for TSS and St Hilda’s boarders with Mrs Gullotta as the main chauffeur. This means we can make sure that the students are properly organised and on time for their appointments. What a great, stress free option for parents !

Custom Mouthguards with Same-day Fit

Lots of students play a sport that requires a mouthguard. One option is for us take impressions and then construct a EVA rubber mouth guard in our on-site lab – then have the mouthguard dropped off at school a few days later. Another option is to have a Sisu mouthguard professionally molded and fitted by us in a single 15 minute visit . The Sisu mouthguard is made of a strong medical grade thermo-plastic polymer. The Sisu is also ideal for anyone wearing braces as we can remould the mouthguard every few weeks as the teeth change shape. As an added bonus, the Sisu mouthguards include a $35,000 (US) Dental warranty.

Long Term Supporters and Sponsors of Both Schools

The Gullotta Award for “Most Improved Student in Year 10” – has been one of the prestigious awards presented at speech day at both schools for almost 20 years. We also regularly donate free orthodontic treatment as a prize in different raffles to help with fund–raising efforts at both schools. We have been a major sponsor of TSS basketball for 13 years, and this term, for the first time, we will be sponsoring Rugby as well ! In recent years, we have been sponsoring the popular Annual Bush to Beach Bash event for the boarder parents. This year we are sponsoring the Happy Hour !

Dental Hygiene Evenings for Boarders

We are currently in the process of organising dental hygiene evenings for boarder students to educate them on how to better look after their teeth. Our Oral Health Therapist, Ra, is super excited to host these evenings in the near future in the boarding houses.

Complimentary Dental Checkups

We are in the process of setting up a dental room at our new practice and look forward to offering complimentary dental checkups for boarders in the near future – watch this space !

PS Dr Gullotta’s sons, Michael (Walker 2009) and Matthew (Walker 2012) were past students at TSS, while his daughter, Michele attended St Hilda’s (Banksia 2015)