Protruding Upper Front Teeth


Also called ‘buck teeth’, is when the top front teeth are sitting too far forward compared to the bottom teeth.

This can be due to the upper teeth being pushed too far forward, or possibly due to the lower jaw and lower teeth being too far back.

This can be a cosmetic issue, especially if the lower lip gets caught behind the upper teeth. There may also be associated speech and eating problems.

Also, protruding front have a significantly high risk of being fractured or knocked out due to trauma. Unfortunately, we see this all too often in children as a result of accidents involving the bottom of pools, trampolines or even during friendly horseplay with siblings or friends.

To prevent the risk of damage, the treatment of protruding front teeth can commence as early as age 7, which is why it is important for children to see an orthodontist at an early age.

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Protruding front teeth