Excessive Overbite


A deep bite, or excessive overbite, is when the upper top front teeth bite down further than they should, covering more of the bottom front teeth than is functionally ideal. With teeth closed, you would usually expect to see about half of the lower teeth. If you see less than half, this could be an excessive overbite.

Deep bite is often due to a discrepancy in the relationship of the top and bottom jaws – with the lower jaw being too fare back.

Sometimes, a bite can be so deep that the bottom front teeth are not seen at all when a person is biting. This can cause severe wear of the lower front teeth as well as damage to the gums behind the top front teeth.

It is sometimes appropriate to undertake a simple intervention with this type of bite while a child is still growing which has the benefit of not only starting to reduce the deep bite early on, but will also protect the lower teeth from further wear.