6 Foods to Avoid When You’re Wearing Braces

6 Foods to Avoid When You’re Wearing Braces

6 Foods to Avoid When You’re Wearing Braces 750 450 Dr Nino Gullotta

When you have braces, certain foods can cause problems.

Although traditional braces are made from metal, the brackets are thin and the wires are fine. Neither holds up well to extreme stress and they can break, causing inconvenience and discomfort.

No one wants that!

Braces are also full of nooks and crannies that provide a place for food particles to collect so cleaning your teeth and preventing cavities is more challenging. 

Sugar and lollies are the obvious concerns, and sugar can be disguised in many prepared foods where you wouldn’t expect it (so always read labels with care). Soft drinks are a double whammy because they contain sugar and acids that damage tooth enamel.

But there are a few other foods that can cause problems when you’re sporting braces. Check out our infographic of foods to avoid when you’re wearing either clear braces or traditional metal braces.


Foods to Avoid When Eating with Braces

Top Tip

Our top tip is to cut corn off the cob before eating. You can’t eat it off the cob no matter how hard you try. Seriously.

Your teeth can’t get close enough to bite off the corn. Anyone who’s tried this knows that your braces act like a grater and you end up with a lot of corn in your braces, but nothing in your mouth!

The key to keeping healthy with braces is good oral hygiene. You can make this easier by paying proper attention to your diet so you prevent problems with braces.

Even if you choose removable aligners like Invisalign, you should still eat properly for your oral and overall health. Please contact us for questions or to arrange a free consultation.