Six Month Smile Treatment

Six Month Smile treatment: Ask orthodontist Dr Gullotta today

Most orthodontic work incorporates both a functional and cosmetic outcome, and aligns all teeth both upper and lower for a cohesive and comprehensive result.

But what about if you are looking for a fast alternative and you simply want to straighten your top front teeth for a beautiful smile, quickly and without the protracted wearing of braces?

The answer is with the “Six Month Smile”. This involves fast correction of misalignment of the top front six teeth only, and is undertaken over a period of around six months.  The Six Month Smile treatment is suitable for almost any patient who is a candidate for traditional braces and who primarily wants to correct the misalignment of their front top teeth in order to achieve the perfect smile.


The treatment is focused only on aligning the front top six teeth: The four incisors and the two canines. As long as the patient has an effective bite without malocclusion of the back teeth, there is no extreme need for these rear teeth to be moved. The visible front teeth can be bracketed and wired with almost invisible brackets and wires that are tooth-coloured. Following the conclusion of treatment, wearing a retainer is necessary to maintain the position of the teeth.

Pros of Six Month Smiles:

  • Versatile orthodontic option
  • Faster results
  • Many patients are candidates for this treatment
  • Greater comfort than traditional orthodontics
  • Cost-effective
  • Results are predictable
  • Treatment is almost invisible
  • Especially suited to adult patients
  • More affordable than veneers or aligners

What else you should know about our Six Month Smiles:

  • This treatment will not improve a poor bite.
  • It does not offer any functional modification to the teeth.
  • It will not treat issues with overbite or under bite.
  • It’s not always suitable in cases where teeth are already prominent (as in an overbite).

Six Month Smile treatments are popular among brides-to-be, grooms-to-be and those seeking employment in industries such as the media, where your appearance is important. It is also a great facilitator of self-confidence when there is not the time or inclination for comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

The Six Month Smile, as provided at Gullotta Orthodontics, offers a purely aesthetic result using a modern twist on traditional orthodontics, enabling adults to achieve the perfect smile quickly and conveniently.

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