Patient communication and the 4Ds: The Gullotta Way

IMG_3472The Gullotta Way to orthodontic excellence is what we call The Four Ds. This is a simple and straightforward four-step process that helps us deliver exceptional results in patient care every time.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any relationship and it applies no more so than in that relationship between you and your dentist. It requires listening and hearing every bit as much as it involves speaking and being heard.

Consultations performed personally by Dr Gullotta at Gullotta Orthodontics, on the Gold Coast, prioritise the communication process. We pride ourselves on creating communication channels to make it comfortable, easy and convenient for all of our patients to achieve a beautiful smile for life, while also understanding the process every step of the way.


Each and every patient is unique and should be approached individually. We set plenty of time aside for our initial consultations so that we can discover every patient’s individual wants and needs in regards to their orthodontic care. Rather than commencing our patient care with a cookie-cutter approach, we devise treatment plans that are as unique as you. This is where Dr Gullotta’s comprehensive clinical examination comes to the fore. He will listen to your concerns and ask the right questions to help reveal any dental or orthodontic issues, goals and aspirations. All patients undergo a detailed orthodontic assessment, including X-rays and other scans to help determine exactly what is needed.

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Following your comprehensive consultation and orthodontic assessment, Dr Gullotta will sit down with you, discuss the findings and review all of your options for treatment with regards to braces or aligners (Invisalign). This is done after listening to all of your concerns. Only then will we offer our expert opinion on your best course of action, including estimates of treatment time, costs involved and other vital factors. Every patient’s ultimate treatment plan is tailored personally to you, and will take into account your wants, needs, budget, circumstances, goals and lifestyle factors.



We are proud and delighted to provide first-class clinical care combined with outstanding customer service. At Gullotta Orthodontics, we tailor your treatment plan and provide ongoing support to solve your orthodontic issues, whether they are mild or severe. We are highly committed to providing an environment and atmosphere that is always welcoming and comfortable, situated in a convenient Southport location and in premises that are clean and modern with state-of-the-art technology. We also offer emergency after-hours access and extended appointments both before and after school hours.


The end result of your care at Gullotta Orthodontics is guaranteed to delight you. Dr Gullotta is committed to achieving outstanding results for all patients in the shortest possible time-frame. To achieve this, we select treatments that suit your circumstances. Subsequent to completing treatment with braces or aligners, Dr Gullotta offers ongoing care that is informative and friendly, allowing you to enjoy your new smile confidently into the future.


Choose Gullotta Orthodontics and call our clinic today on (07) 5532 3433 to set up a specialist consultation.

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