Dr Gullotta Guest Lectures at Griffith University

Dr Gullotta lecturing the GUDSA students



“All you need to know about Invisalign”

Dr Gullotta gives a headstart in Orthodontics to Dental Students as a Guest Lecturer at Griffith University

By Taylor Joyce






On September 25th Dr Gullotta presented a lecture to students at Griffith University titled, “All you need to know about Invisalign”. The event was hosted by the Griffith University Dental Students’ Association (GUDSA) and included students ranging from first to fifth year. He began the lecture by quizzing them on their current orthodontic knowledge, using case studies of his actual patients. This made for quite a puzzled audience as they attempted to diagnose and predict treatment plans. It became apparent to Dr Gullotta that the students had not had much exposure to orthodontics, which fuelled the fire for him to share his 30 years’ experience; “There was a wide range of year levels and background knowledge…it was really great to be able to pass my knowledge onto the students”. Dr Gullotta also commented on the enthusiasm shown by the students, “It was really exciting to see them interested in orthodontics and keen to learn”.

Over the next two hours Dr Gullotta used a combination of videos, case studies and open ended questions to engage his audience. He presented them with honest advice about using Invisalign as an Orthodontist. Nino acknowledged his greatest successes and reflected on what he would have done differently if given the chance. His primary advice to students was to “take baby steps and start with simple cases, be adaptable and always continue your education so that you can stay on top of your game”.  The students took the opportunity to probe Dr Gullotta’s brain by asking a number of questions throughout the presentation. As one of his employees it was thoroughly impressive to watch Dr Gullotta put on such a display of his knowledge. An opportunity he generally does not have time to broadcast in such exquisite detail as he moves between the five chairs of his busy practice.

Dr Gullotta would like to thank GUDSA, in particular Anna and Andrew. When asked if he would like to do more presentations in the future he commented that he would  “most definitely be keen to do it again”!


Dr Gullotta with GUDSA Academic Committee member Anna (left) and President Andrew (right)

Dr Gullotta with GUDSA Academic Committee member Anna (left) and President Andrew (right)


If you would be interested in having Dr Nino Gullotta present on any orthodontic topics please contact us on 5532 3433


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