Insignia Custom Braces

Custom braces are possible with Insignia

Braces have come a long way in recent years thanks to advances in orthodontic technology and technique. We are proud to offer Insignia braces, a customised bracing system. Like fingerprints, your smile is unique and the Insignia system allows us to treat you as an individual.

InsigniaInsignia differs from traditional bracing systems, which use mass-designed brackets, as it customises braces and wires for every patient to ensure accuracy, effectiveness and a truly customised smile.

Insignia uses computer software to transform a patients’ treatment plan into a virtual 3-D model, allowing Dr Nino Gullotta to start with the end in sight and calculate your optimal bite and smile.
Insignia designs customised brackets for each individual tooth and no one bracket is the same.
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There are several benefits to being treated with Insignia custom braces, including:

  • precisely calculated tooth movement
  • accurate bracket placement
  • a reduction in treatment time
  • more comfortable treatment.

Dr Gullotta combines the advantages of Insignia with the design and benefits of Damon braces to create a treatment solution to straighten crooked teeth.

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Make an appointment to see Dr Gullotta at his Southport practice about straightening your teeth and ask him how Insignia can work to correct your dental problems.