Adults and Braces – news update

The Damon Braces System is based on a unique treatment philosophy that goes beyond straight teeth. Damon Doctors are trained to take the whole patient into account: the shape of your face, your profile, what you will look like into your 40s, 50s… and beyond.

Many adults see a noticeable change not just in their teeth, but in their entire face. They call it the Damon System Bracelift™ – and it produces:

  • A fuller, wider smile
  • Better facial balance and aesthetics
  • Smoother cheek contours which make narrow
    smiles look fuller and more inviting
  • Fewer dark triangles within the corners
    of your mouth
  • Straighter, less crowded & crooked teeth,
  • Improved profiles…for a more youthful
    look at any age!

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