6 factors of the perfect smile: It’s more than straight teeth

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When you think of the perfect smile, the first (and possibly only) thing that springs to mind is, no doubt, straight teeth. While it’s true straight teeth are crucial to having the perfect smile, there is much more to the equation than this single factor. Contrary to what you might believe, the perfect symmetry of the teeth or complete correction of issues like overbite is not necessarily the answer.

Other aspects of a perfect smile that must be accounted for during orthodontic treatment include:

  1. Smile arc: The relationship between the curve of the maxillary incisors and canines with the curve of the lower lip when smiling. Ideally, these are parallel.
  1. Buccal corridor: Refers to the dark “empty” space at the sides of the smile between the sides of the teeth and the lateral joining of the lips. It is impacted by how many of the rear teeth are displayed when smiling. “Wider” smiles are considered more attractive which means narrower buccal corridors.
  1. Incisor display: With the mouth slightly open and relaxed, the incisors (upper) should be partially visible. Ageing results in less upper tooth display, hence for a youthful appearance, upper incisor display is important.
  1. Lip support: Well-supported lips are critical to an optimal appearance and a youthful profile. Teeth that sit slightly forward in the face will offer optimal lip support, resulting in an effortless smile. Teeth pulled too far back vertically into the face will compromise rather than enhance a perfect smile.
  1. Dental arch type: Refers to how the teeth are arranged in the jaws. The shape determines how your smile will look. The arch may be square, tapered or ovoid, and it impacts on the ratios of teeth seen when smiling.
  1. Golden Ratio: Orthodontists adhere to smile design principles, namely the Golden Ratio, which was devised by the ancient Greeks as a basis of attractiveness. It is the mathematical proportion between the size of the big teeth to the smaller teeth. It also takes into account the gum-to-teeth ratioGullotta's-52

Dr Gullotta is an expert in creating the perfect smile by incorporating all of these factors, not only straightening teeth, but ensuring they are positioned harmoniously with the lips, cheeks and other soft tissues of the mouth and face. Crafting the perfect smile involves achieving an aesthetic balance of harmony between the smile and facial features, with consideration of the size and shape of the teeth, gums, lips and face overall.

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