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Heading Down to


Dr Gullotta and one of our Hygienists Julie Roberts stepped out of the practice to attend the 2015 ANZ Invisalign Forum in Queenstown, New Zealand. So we took some time out to find out how it was…

 By Taylor Joyce


The conference ran over four days and featured a number of guest speakers and social events. Dr Willy Dayan from Canada was Julie’s favourite speaker, “A guy called Willy really stood out… He talked about his practice, he was very personable, he had good systems in place and delegated constantly. They also wore the same uniforms as us funnily enough”. Other notable speakers included Dr Yi Kwong Yau and Dr Prashnat Zaveri. Dr Yi Kwong Yau spoke about extraction treatments and runs an immersion program in Hong Kong that Julie hopes to attend once it becomes open to hygienists’. Dr Zaveri also really stood out to Julie, “because I am a hygienist it was really nice to have that ortho-perio thing going on, I found him really interesting”. Julie commented on the need for ongoing education when using Invisalign, “What people don’t realise is the Invisalign technology is constantly developing – so if you don’t keep going to these conferences you get left behind”.

It wasn’t all work and no play for Julie who spent her time off at the conference exploring Queenstown, “how many times can you say wow- I just kept saying to my husband”! They found the time to take a helicopter up into the mountains to explore the glaciers and also jump on the popular jet boat ride. When asked to describe her time in Queenstown Julie exclaimed, “It was just fantastic…I’m so happy I went, there is always loads and loads of new stuff to learn and the town was just beautiful”!

Julie and her husband exploring the glaciers

Julie and her husband exploring the glaciers

The breath-taking view of Queenstown

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