10 reasons to choose Gullotta Orthodontics

Why would you choose Gullotta Orthodontics? The choice of which orthodontist undertakes your orthodontic treatment is a major decision. It’s helpful to do some research before you decide who to go to; so here you will learn about Dr Nino Gullotta and why he is ideal for your orthodontic treatment.

Why choose Dr Nino Gullotta for your orthodontic treatment?

1. Specialist qualifications and experience

Dr Gullotta is a specialist-trained and registered orthodontist. He exclusively offers braces and Invisalign with the purpose of aligning teeth to maximise both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This is what he does all day, every day.

2. Long practice history

Dr Gullotta has been practicing from the same Southport clinic location for more than 25 years and is renowned in the region for the quality of his care and his outstanding results for his patients.

3. Extended initial consultation

Dr Gullotta’s initial consultation process is extremely thorough. You get one full hours so your full clinical examination and assessment can be completed in a calm and relaxed manner. The best part of it all: It is entirely complimentary.

4. Committed to patient care and communication

With Dr Gullotta, you always comes first. He is committed to taking the time needed to discuss all of your dental and orthodontic goals, fully assessing and explaining your individual case. He is always available and happy to answer your questions to discuss any concerns you have before, during and after the treatment. We are also committed to seeing you on time.

5. Quality-focused care

Dr Gullotta’s focus is primarily on quality; he takes all the time needed to achieve sensational, healthy and functional smiles. We never rush your treatment in any way.



6. Extensive experience and expertise

With 30 years of dedicated orthodontic experience, combined with the most cutting-edge and latest techniques and technologies, Dr Gullotta is proud to achieve optimum results for every patient. He is committed to continuing his own professional development so he remains at the top of the industry.

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7. Details focused

With a clever eye for detail, he makes sure not even the smallest issue is overlooked, leading to uncompromised end results that are second to none. We avoid extractions wherever possible and can also provide fast aesthetic-only treatments if that is what you desire.

8. Offers dento-facial orthopaedic treatments

Dento-facial orthopaedics is a dental specialty area focused on the guidance and manipulation of the growth and development of the facial bones. It uses appliances similar to braces, including headgear and expanders, to correct facial abnormalities. Being skilled in both specialties, Dr Gullotta can diagnose and treat misalignment of both teeth and the wider facial structure with an integrated approach.

9. Bulk-billed orthodontic X-rays

Diagnostic orthodontic X-rays are arranged to be undertaken at your local radiology clinic convenient to you and they are bulk billed. Additionally, we do not charge you for records we take in our clinic, including clinical photographs and plaster study models.

10. Interest-free payment plans

We offer customised payment plans to suit your budget and also to maximise your health-fund benefits for orthodontic treatments. You can pay upfront or in instalments as you choose. We will as much as reasonably possible, work with you to meet your budget.

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For the best in orthodontic treatment, call Gullotta Orthodontics on (07) 5532 3433 today to arrange your initial consultation. We also gladly accept second opinions.



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